quest - knight's legend

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quest - knight's legend

Post  kizzie on Sat May 08, 2010 2:13 am

you can start this quest by talking to king lethas in camelot. he will ask you to go to the black knight fortress and investigate to see what they are up to. go to the room where there is a vent on the wall. click on the vent. it will give you a map. go back to king lethas and use the map on him. he will say "this is a map of our treasure. go to yanille and stop the black knights before they get our treasure". go to yanille and bring a shovel. once you get to yanille. go to the sand box and use shovel on it. open the door and go to the monkey bars. click on them to get across. then go to the pit and click on the planks along the wall to get across. then go to the guy named denulth and talk to him. he will say "you not getting my treasure" then you will be taken to a hallway of knights. kill 1 of each knight. (quest completed)

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