quest - lunar spirit

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quest - lunar spirit

Post  kizzie on Sat May 08, 2010 2:02 am

you can start this quest by talking to the sailor. (must have completed lunar diplomacy).
talk to the sailor. he will give you a potion then teleport you to the woodcutting erea. go to the herb patch and pick a herb. use the herb with the potion to make a bravery potion. now to over to the bridge and cross it. then go to the bank. talk to necroverus the ghost in the bank. he will say he is to scared to fight and will ask you to help. he will ask you to get 3 items (bravery potion, tomatoe and silver necklace). now go to the hut next to the bank and click on the door. it will give you a silver necklace. (note: assuming you already have tomatoe. if not then get from an admin.) now talk to necroverus again and you will be teleported to a room. kill 1 of the monsters in the room. (quest completed).

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